Order the creation of a turnkey crypto project.


This option provides analytical activity before the start of the project, to identify the needs of the customer and clearly fit the project in the necessary model, as there are many applications of cryptocurrency in the business, and the creators of the project can not know your business or your plans are better than you.

What does a customer receive as a result of a full crypto project?

– Of course, cryptocurrency (сoin or token, depending on the purpose of the project);
– Developed whitepaper, which has already calculated the project’s economy, indicators, graphs and everything necessary for its implementation;
– The main site, where the project is fully represented, the roadmap of its development, the project team, placed links to the project resources and links for the transition to whitepaper;
– Beautifully decorated theme on Bitcointalk in Russian and English-speaking branches of the Forum;
– The resources of the project-a group and a channel in telegram, Twitter.

This is all necessary for further interactions with the exchange in the process of listing your cryptocurrency and development of your project. When ordering a turnkey crypto project, you get a business ready for work, the development of which already depends on your goals and objectives. We are preparing the project completely turnkey, repeatedly consulting with the customer in the process of its manufacture, so that the final result fully meets all your requirements. To order a project fill out the form below:

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