The reasons to choose our company are as follows:

• Our team has over three years of experience in cryptocurrecy project creation
• The team members are not just the developers but also the traders knowing the market from the inside
• We support the idea of confidentiality that is why no personal data shall be made public.
• We are working on one project at a time and fulfill the project quickly and to a good quality due to our experience in project creation.

Token creation

Token issue on the basis of famous blockchain platforms
(If you are going to use token in your project, there is no need in mining and personal blockchain, you need the simple transfer for cryptocurrency usage, the simplest variant to be added to the exchanges and ICO holding) This procedure involves smart-contract writing, tokens issue in the quantities requested. Time expended to token issue is 1-2 days.

Coin creation

Coin issue on personal blockchain
The procedure totally differs from the token issue in time and work complexity. Blockchain coins are developed with the help of initial source code and involve the launch of nodes supporting the coin efficiency. Mining algorithm is chosen and the mining pool is created. Block explorer providing the information about the coin and e-wallets are also obligatory. The whole process of coin creation takes on average about 3-7 days.

Project creation

The present variant involves analytical activities prior the project creation start. It will be aimed to identify needs of the customer and to better integrate the project into the required model. Project website creation. Token/coin creation for the project in the quantities and functionality required. Development and writing of the project whitepaper. Project graphics drawing (logos, screensavers, etc.). Announcement posting with theme designing on . Launch in Telegram and Twitter.

What do you get after cryptocurrency ordering?

What do you get after coin ordering?

If for your project you need the personal blockchain, we easily respond to such problem. We’ll create everything necessary for coin, namely: personal blockchain, mining possibilities, explorer for identification of the blockchain net status up to the moment, e-wallets for your coin, nodes supporting blockchain in working order. The above stated is the necessary attributes for network performance. Then you are able to add coin to your project and be engaged in promoting of your website which completely depends on you. Coin creation is the ideal solution for projects requiring personal independent blockchain.

Token creation

Does your business need tokenization? Have you decided to switch to the cryptocurrency? Or are you creating a new project? If your project processes require the personal blockchain, why should you spend more money? The simplest and logical solution is token creation. What do you get as the result? You receive tokens created on the basis of one of the blockchains and in quantity required. Moreover tokens may have some special functions to be indicated in smart-contract. Thereafter we make the smart-contract for your tokens. Your responsibility is to embed tokens into the project, business and promote. Tokens do not require mining pools, primary nodes or personal e-wallets. This is the simplest and reliable means of transition to the cryptocurrency at the same time.

What will the customer get, if he orders the full cryproproject?

Of course, the customer will get the cryptocurrency (coin or token depending on project goals); an elaborate whitepaper having calculations of the project economics, readings, schedules and everything necessary for its fulfillment; the main website, where the project is fully presented, the roadmap of the project development, project team, links to the project resources and to the whitepaper; perfectly designed theme on in English and Russian forum threads; the actual project resources namely the group and channel in telegram, twitter. All this is needed for the future interaction with the exchanges in listing process of your cryptocurrency and further promotion of your project. If you order the full project, you receive ready-made business and its development fully depends on your goals and aims. We develop a turn-key project having multiple consultations with the customer in the process of the project realization for the final outcome fully meet the customer’s requirements and perfectly fin into the existing structure or the customer’s requirements to the project.

Additional services

Turn-key cryptoproject creation

Every business, project or idea is unique. For perfect project development we need to understand and analyze your idea. This is the first milestone of cooperation. Then the actual project development starts. Logos, schedules, analytical work for whitepaper creation, registration of nets for project groups in telegram, twitter are done. It is obligatory to post nice themes with graphics on . We meet all the cryptocurrency exchange requirements to the project. Also the project creation includes the website development, where the information about the project, the roadmap, the team, whitepaper and other essentials will be represented. The creation of the turn-key cryptocurrency project is the most labor intensive process of all our services. Our portfolio of services is sufficiently broad; we offer the complete support in ICO, listings on the exchanges, bounty campaigning.